The free Tudor School 25-minute session is designed to assess the needs of the student in a friendly and comforting way. Once our teachers have reviewed the results, the teacher will talk with you directly to discuss the next steps on your journey.

Like learning in classroom, Tudor School uses set curriculums and teaching materials to make sure each student is progressing and staying engaged during and in between lessons. If you are learning individually then we can’t do group work, but we can use a lot more technology during our lessons.

Yes. At Tudor School, we feel that homework is an extremely important aspect of the overall learning experience. Homework not only encourages students to take responsibility for completing a task but is vital in adding to what students have learnt during their class.

For younger student’s homework also allows parents to monitor their child’s progress and play a more active role in their education outside of their lessons.

All students will need varying levels of support and will progress in unique ways. Following the initial trial, we will suggest what level you are and then we can explain how many lessons it will take to complete that level. As with traditional classroom-based schooling, consistency is key to steady progress.

This varies depending on which course you are considering, most of our English language courses follow the Cambridge English curriculums, while our primary subject courses follow the British curriculum. There are a few courses that we have designed ourselves.

All of our courses require a level of interaction, so a larger screen would be much more suitable.

If you are having issues then contact us immediately so we can inform the teacher and help you resolve the problem.

You can contact us to reschedule up to 4 hours before the start of a lesson.

You can be there to help with younger children, especially for the trial lesson and the first few lessons. Once they are used to the teacher or if they are older then we find that it is better for their improvement if they are left alone.